9 Simple Things to Check Before Applying for Google Adsense

Easy tips to get google adsense approved

Google AdSense is very popular earning programe for publisher and every blogger, webmaster wants to show ads on their website. Google AdSense is available for all webmasters and publishers but there are some requirements to qualify and approved for this account.

Important points to remember before applying for Google Adsense.

If you want to earn money with your blog or website you must mind some things before applying for adsense.
  1. Quality and text contents.
  2. No adult, gambling contents.
  3. Website/age (applicable for some countries).
  4. Original contents.
  5. Website Layout and design.
  6. Declaration of Privacy Policy, DMCA and contact details.
  7. Ensure that your site is fully launched and not under construction.
  8. Easy Navigation.
  9. Other
Let's discuss each point with more details.

1. Quality and Text Contents.

Please keep in mind that your blog or website has the quality contents which meets the content policy of Adsense's program. Sites with mostly Images and Videos will not be accepted.

2. No Adult, Gambling Contents.

Google adsense doesn't allow websites to be approved containing adult, sensitive or gambling contents. please read Google Adsense Program Policies & Content Guidelines and before applying for google adsense. 

3. Website Age

In some countries Like India, China, Pakistan you site must be 6 years old to qualify for adsense. If you apply for adsense before this time period your application will be rejected.

4. Original contents.

Original content is the very important factor for adsense. These days many of bloggers/webmaster copy the contents from other site. They don't know that Google is clever and known to contents on the internet. Google collect information through cookies. So if your website's content are copied from other sites remove them before applying for Google Adsense otherwise your application will be rejected.

5. Website Layout and Design.

Design of your website is must be clean and good looking and friendly to users and crawlers. If your website templates/theme is friendly and responsive then you can approved for adsense.

6. Declare your site's Privacy Policy and Other Pages.

Create some pages, like DMCA DisclaimerPrivacy PolicyAbout UsContact UsSitemap. Declare DMCA, Privacy Policy, Cookies Information used by Google and Third Party Advertising Network.

7. Ensure that your site is fully launched and not under construction

Please ensure before applying for adsense that your website is fully launched and there is no single corner which is under construction or incomplete. Complete Website Navigation System, Footer and Author Information.

8. Easy Navigation.

Most of Adsense applications are rejected because of poor navigation system. Site's navigation system must be user friendly and easy to navigate the information user looking for. Site's navigation must be clear and simple for example if your site is about fashion then navigation must look like this

Easy and Friendly Navigation Example

Men's fashion

Women's Fashion
>Dresses etc.

9. Others
Your website must have some organic traffic. If your site is getting mostly traffic from social media then there are less chances for approval. Write high quality contents, link your site, try to find link building website and create some high quality backlinks. Add your website in Google Search Consol (Google Webmaster Tools), Add analytics code to your website. Ensure that you have not disabled Blogger's Blogspot Country Specific Domain Redirection.

Final Note: Adsense is an International based advertisement programe and popular publisher around the world. Adsense accept the applications for only natural, unique and genuine contents. Their review process is very strict for root domain but easy for hosted domain like youtube, blogger. But once application approved for root domain can not disapproved easily but the application approved for hosted domain like blogger will be disapproved if you violate the policies of the program.

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