How to Fix "We Can't Setup Mobile Hotspot" on Windows 10 Easily

mobile hotspot fixed on microsoft windows 10

Windows 10 is new version of Microsoft Windows with many new features and UI. One amazing thing about latest Microsoft Windows is that It has built-in Wifi Hotspot, Called Mobile Hotspot. A user can share internet with other devices via LAN and Wifi. But Mobile Hotspot has some problems, Sometime when connecting It says "We cant enable setup mobile hotspot". But I have found a fix for this problem. Please read this very short article to fix this issue.

1. Go to "Device Manager" from settings or Right Click on Computer Icon then Select Properties then "Device Mangager from Left-Side Options.

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Problem Fix

2. First "Disable" Wifi and Ethernet adapter and Enable again as shown in Image.
3. Now Open "Network and Internet Settings" from Settings Menu and try connecting Wifi Hotspot.

How to Fix "We Can't Enable Mobile Hotspot" on Windows 10

Congratulations. Your Mobile Hotspot is now connected.