How do I fix Blank Ads for Approved Google Adsense Account

how to fix adsense blank ads issue for an approve google adsense account

Google Adsense  Ads showing blank..?? that is a question of even every person using adsense for first time. This question is already searched on internet and Google AdSense Help centre. Some of questions are answered and many of not. Actually there are some other reasons which are not discussed on Google Adsense product help centre. Today I am writing this article according to my personal experience from adsense approval to showing ads. So I will discuss every possible reason for blank ads below. Please follow step by step an easy guide.

Possible Reasons for Approved AdSense Blank Ads.

There are some possible reasons for google adsense blank ads. please check and troubleshoot your adsense account for the following reasons.
  1. Google AdSense account is approved by mistake.
  2. Browser or Cookies Issue.
  3. Ad Code not implemented properly.
  4. AdSense approved for hosted domain (blogspot) by mistake.
  5. Insufficient Contents.

1. Google Adsense Account is approved by mistake.

When a user apply for adsense, application is reviewed by humans and automatic systems. Adsense team crawl each page to check for possible programe violations. Sometimes you received and email from Adsense that Congratulations! your account is fully approved but ads not display on website. This type of approvals disapproved after hours or days.

2. Browser or Cookies Issue.

If ads are not showing for approved adsense account try clear history, cookies and everything. Also try to change browser.

3. Ads code not implemented properly.

Google AdSense ads may not appear if the ad code is not implemented properly, please check code again, copy the whole code and try to paste again.

4. AdSense approved for hosted domain (blogspot) by mistake.

This is another possible reason for blank ads on your website. When you are using blogger with custom domain and want to get approved for custom domain and then approved but blank ads??? Just follow simple steps to troubleshoot.

1. Login to blogger.
3. Goto layout and paste ad code or add Adsense widget to top area of blogger layout and click Save.
2. Goto Theme from side panel of blogger.
3. Here you will see the live view of blogger, If you can see ads then your account is approved as hosted account, If ads are not showing then try above methods for troubleshooting.

To avoid disapproval read my detailed article 9 Simple Things to Remember before applying for Google Adsense

If you like this post share on Social network, If you have tried every method and still serving blank ads on blogger then let me know. May be I could help you.